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NepalHimalayan Pleasure’s Spiritual Tour takes you to those sites around Kathmandu valley where you can experience the touch of spirituality. laces like Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Budhanilkantha, Changu Narayan, Namo Buddha and DakshinKali are spiritually significant to invoke your sense of existence and consciousness of being. Start an inner journey – the journey from mind to soul with us. Beyond self realization, this spiritual tour explores ancient sacred sites, mystical and magical locations, fascinating places, and holistic wellness centers around Kathmandu valley.The Himalayan region is understandably one of the world's most spectacular hiking destinations in the world. The trek provides you wonderful experiences of lifestyle and culture of Sherpa with the chances of exploring different landmarks of the region. The trek passes through some ancient monasteries and Gompas as well. We facilitate the global travelers in Himalayas to capture the spectacular views of Mount Everest, Annapurna, and other large number of Himalayan peaks including eight-thousanders in Nepal. Apart from Himalayas, our unbeatable trip packages help you explore tremendous cultural, historical, archeological and natural landmarks of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Just behold the beauty of Himalayas to inspire the meaning of life with us.